The residence programs are open to artists from all backgrounds and disciplines, with a particular interest in developing a project in dialogue with our  local context.

We strongly encourage applications from African and afrodescendant artists, as well as women. The jury team will give preference to innovative projects and paths that are in line with the missions of our organisation.

Participants will benefit from accommodation and access to the infrastructure around the residence, as well as support from the Dëkandoo team.

At the end of the residency, the beneficiaries are invited to make a restitution of the creation or research project, through an exhibition, a workshop, a conference or in the most adapted format.


Each year, Dëkandoo sets up a cultural programme in synergy with the other structures and projects of the Hahatay association in Gandiol. Within the framework of this programme, our residence welcomes artists and researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

These creators are generally involved in actions intended for the local public, mainly through workshops or in the form of artistic restitution, whether it be concerts, exhibitions or round tables, for example.


The aim of this innovation residency scheme is to contribute to the development of practices at the crossroads between craft and contemporary art.

Western modernity has defined Art as the emancipated expression of craft production. In the meantime, many artists in Africa and the global South are claiming the status of Art for these skills. Currently, there is a real boom in craft activity within contemporary art, which coincides with the recovery of female figures in art and the enhancement of indigenous creation.

Dëkandoo’s vocation is to participate in these dynamics, opening its residency to a wide range of practices, from fashion, pottery, furniture design, to others less associated with craft, such as gastronomy or even graphic design.


In parallel with the cultural programme and the strategic line of residencies for craft innovation, the residency is open all year round to artists from all over the world who wish to spend time in Gandiol and develop a project for the local public.

Our team receives and examines spontaneous applications one by one, assessing the relevance of the projects presented.

The Sunukeur space in our residence is also open to external visitors. The conditions of stay, board and other  are available on request. Wherever possible, Dëkandoo will support the financing of applications through the mediation of other institutions.