The residency has 8 rooms decorated by local craftsmen, with an internal toilet, a shared kitchen, a coworking space, as well as a meeting space, called “Gew bi”.

In addition to fellow residents, the space also welcomes external visitors for short-term stays. Reduced rates apply for artists under certain conditions.


The building has been constructed in dialogue with nature, using straw and clay. It is powered by solar energy, and the waste produced is recycled or used as compost for our gardens.

If you plan to stay at Dëkandoo, please note that our commitment to the environment involves adapting to a responsible consumption of resources.


A number of initiatives coexist with the residency : the construction business Bann ak Suuf, the audiovisual production cooperative Fëss, the radio station Gëm Sunu Bopp FM, the café Ndaje bi the recycling company Defaratt and the Cultural Center Aminata, among other structures launched by the association Hahatay – Gandiol. 

Learn more about the projects of Hahatay here


the community

Ndiébène Gandiol is a Senegalese town located 20 km from the city of Saint-Louis, in the area of the estuary of the Senegal River and part of the Langue de Barbarie National Park (PNLB), one of six national parks in Senegal.

This commune has been a real crossroads of historical exchanges around the Senegal River valley, due to its proximity to the city of Saint-Louis – Ndar, its coveted position between the Walo and Cayor kingdoms, its reputation as a land of salt mines as well as the role it played between the Almoravids and the Tekrourians.

Today, Gandiol faces risks related to climate change and constant coastal erosion, which threaten ecological sites and economic activities, but its population is also an example of resilience and adaptation to the new challenges that our societies are confronted with.